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Strutt & Parker Renewable Energy

Wind & Solar Power

Middlewick Farm consists of nine 2.3MW turbines, six of which are sited at Wraywick Farm near Southminster, Essex.

Strutt and Parker (Farms) have a number of roof top and mounted solar projects installed across the farming portfolio, these help to reduce the farming businesses operational costs by offsetting electricity that would otherwise be imported. They also provide an income through the UK government Feed in Tariff.

Anaerobic Digestion

Strutt and Parker (Farms) Ltd operates two biomethane to grid AD plants through subsidiary companies Euston Biogas Limited and S&P Biogas Limited.

The plants are located in Euston, Nr. Thetford and Red Lodge, Nr. Newmarket and export 50,000MWh and 40,000MWh to the National Grid per annum respectively, as well as producing electricity onsite to run the plants. This is enough energy to run around 5,500 average UK households. The AD plants are also capable of ‘capturing’ food grade carbon dioxide which has a variety of uses in the local economy.

We use a variety of feedstocks to produce this energy, ranging from agricultural feedstocks (for example, maize, rye and sugar beet) through to agricultural bi-products and bi-products from the foods and drinks manufacturing industries. The digestate that is produced as part of the digestion process is spread on the fields that we grow our crops on, and acts as a substitute for manufactured fertiliser and other inputs.

The green credentials of the plant are further reinforced through the strict sustainability criteria regulations that we have to adhere to surrounding the carbon footprint of the supply chain of the feedstocks that we use.