Marshes and East Hall are farmed by Alan Ponder. Alan has long history with the company and is the fourth generation Ponder to work for the company.

Marshes and East Hall stretches all the way along the Essex Coast from Burnham-on-Crouch to Bradwell which makes the majority of the farm below sea level and protected by a sea wall on its perimeter. Being so coastal makes the farm unique; creating its own micro-climate, which helps produce quality crops with the aid of the sea mist and warm windy days.

Marshes and East Hall farms over 4000 acres and grows quality bread-making wheat, oilseed rape, and lucerne, which is manufactured into high quality horse feed.

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Environmental Pledge

The coastal perimeter which surrounds Marshes and East Hall provides excellent habitat for a diverse bird life, Alan strives to maintain these habitats by managing land in a Higher Level Country Stewardship scheme. Marshes Farm has and continues to make a significant contribution to local conservation with the work they do to maintain the land close to the sea wall.